Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Produk Keluaran Alga Prima Sdn Bhd

  • Alga PrimaTM bird's nest is a health product produced and processed from natural premium cave nest. It is used to strengthen body, reinforce immunity, moisturize skin, maintain beauty, provide energy, and enhance metabolism, aid joints and bone health. Wholesale members and retailers are welcomed to purchase.
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  • Alga PrimaTM manufactures and distributes Spirulina in pill tablets and powder forms. Our spirulina is cultivated in clean pristine water and is a result of a 20 year research project by a well-known university in Thailand.view Spirulina
  • Alga PrimaTM offers the world's finest Oolong, Green Tea, and Organic Jasmine teas which originate from the high mountain Ari in Taiwan. Our Oolong tea had won First Gold Prize from 2009 prestigious World Green Tea Contest in Japan and Alga PrimaTM has sole distributorship from the producers.view Teas
  • Alga PrimaTM carries the best tasting Laban Soy Milk without any artificial color, flavor or preser-vatives. as sole distributor for South-east Asia. Other types are Laban Soy Milk & Habbatus Sauda drink and Laban Soy Milk & Goat Milk combination. view Soya Milk


  1. Bagaimana saya boleh dapatkan produk Alga Prima?

  2. Anda boleh datang saja ke pejabat kami di alamat No. 11, Jalan Bowling Padang G13/G, Seksyen 13, 40100, Shah Alam, Selangor atau layari laman web kami di Di dalam laman web kami ada juga senarai pengedar kami jadi saudara/saudari boleh menghubungi mereka.